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Lead work in Australia is considerably prevalent with the nation being the largest mine producer and exporter of lead in the Western world. Australia is responsible for about 25% of the world’s lead exports. The mining of lead ore is used to facilitate lead compounds, pure metals and alloys for the purpose of creating vehicle batteries, paint pigments and other materials. As lead is a toxic substance, it is important to monitor employee exposure in the workplace. Workplace activities that expose people to lead include:

  • Spray painting with paint containing lead
  • Grinding, cutting, discing or buffing lead
  • Handling components causing lead dust e.g. UV stabilisers and dry lead pigments
  • Manufacturing lead-acid batteries
  • Fire assay
  • Radiation or vehicle exhaust repairs
  • Cutting of lead-painted structural steel
  • Casting or melting alloys
  • Lead-paint removal

Exposure to lead that is either inhaled or ingested can result in lead poisoning, which, if left untreated, can cause nerve, brain and kidney damage and anaemia. To monitor your employees’ health throughout conducting lead work, KINNECT offer health monitoring inclusive of blood lead testing completed in accordance with Safe Work Australia guidelines.

Our lead health monitoring medicals are to be conducted before the worker begins lead risk work. If your employees have not undertaken this initial monitoring, it is important that it is conducted as soon as possible.

After the initial monitoring has taken place, biological monitoring (stand alone blood lead test) must be

conducted based on whether the employee is a male/female not of reproductive capacity or a female of reproductive capacity. This differentiation is due to the ability for lead to remain in the system of a worker consequently affecting any potential pregnancies in the future.

Biological monitoring should be conducted as follows:

For females not of reproductive capacity and males

  • Six months after the last biological monitoring if the last result showed a blood lead level of less than 30μg/dL or
  • Three months after the last biological monitoring if the last result showed a blood lead level of 30ug/dL or more but less than 40μg/dL or
  • Six weeks after the last biological monitoring if the last result showed a blood lead level of 40μg/dL or more

For females of reproductive capacity

  • Three months after the last biological monitoring if the last result showed a blood lead level of less than 10μg/dL or
  • Six weeks after the last biological monitoring if the last result showed a blood lead level of 10μg/dL or more

KINNECT will keep a record of all health monitoring to ensure compliance with the above and will send out reminders when your employee is due for their next biological monitoring medical.

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      Carelever leverages the power of technology to automate or eliminate many of the time consuming administrative tasks associated with the management of Health Surveillance programs.

      Carelever Monitor

      carelever health surveillance monitoring software

      Our cloud based health surveillance software makes managing your health surveillance program a breeze. Using Carelever you are able to:

      • Book a Health Surveillance Assessment for an employee anywhere in Australia
      • Store the health data for each employee
      • Compare the latest results against previous tests or baseline test
      • Identify employees who are showing a change in health and are at increased risk of occupational related injury/illness
      • Notification for the next periodic health surveillance test (e.g. 6 months, 12 months or 2 years)


      KINNECT have 12 conveniently located clinics distributed throughout Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. In addition, KINNECT have greater than 350 Medical Affiliates nationally and internationally. This allows us to coordinate Lead Health Medicals in geographical regions close to where an employee is located.

      Should we not have existing coverage in areas in which you require assessments to be performed, KINNECT will source an Affiliate provider to ensure seamless service provision.

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      Our revolutionary platform, Carelever, provides a turn key approach to effectively manage and track occupational health services.

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      With 12 KINNECT Clinics and over 350 Affiliated Partner Clinics, we have you covered.

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