Executive Health Assessments

Executive Health Assessments Ensure the Vitality of your Company.

At KINNECT we can provide your executive team with a comprehensive and personalised health assessment that outlines individual risks and offers tailored solutions to identified needs.

Following a comprehensive medical assessment, your highly valued executives will be provided with a personalised health risk profile that outlines qualitative measures to focus on areas for improvement that will then be supported through ongoing professional health coaching.

Education and coaching will motivate your executives towards the adoption of healthier behaviours that will improve overall health and well-being.  As a result, your executive team will have more energy, better concentration and greater mental clarity which can lead to increased productivity and a reduction in sick days taken and stress leave.

So as to cater for the needs and budgets of different companies and/or organisations, KINNECT offer customisable Executive Health Assessments.

Individuals will receive confidential health assessments and be issued with an easy to interpret summary of their current health status. Where significant health risks are identified, individuals will be provided with a written referral to their general practitioner and counselled on relevant information.

If required, KINNECT can design health promotion plans that are specific to individuals with realistic and achievable goal setting or assist in the creation of a health surveillance registry tracking the health of your individuals year on year.

ECG Employee Health Assessment