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DATE 28 Nov 2014

Rowan Macaulay – YoungCare

Employee: Rowan Macaulay

Pay It Forward Day: 11th March 2014

Rowan Macaulay


What Organisation did you Spend your Pay It Forward at?



Their website is:


What does this organisation do?

YoungCare is an organisation was founded in 2005.  David Conroy was then, appealing for relevant and dignified care for his wife Shevaune, who was suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).  YoungCare was formed to provide a choice to young people who require full-time care.


What tasks did you assist with?

Making up promotional packs for the upcoming “Budgie Bolt” 2014, to be held in Sydney and Brisbane.


What was a fun fact about your day / the organisation?

I did have a co-pilot for the day in the form of a 17 year old recent high school graduate named Max.


One final word to sum up the experience?