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DATE 23 Jan 2015

Rowan Macaulay Receives Recruitment Incentive

At KINNECT, we believe our staff are our  biggest assets. We pride ourselves on recruiting staff that live and breath our core values – we call them “A Players”. In our experience, “A Players” often know other “A Players”. They could be previous colleagues, friends or even family. This is why we introduced our A Player Recruitment Incentive Program at KINNECT. Our A Player Recruitment Incentive Program encourages existing employees to select and recommend other suitable candidates from their networks. As a reward, if this candidate is successfully recruited and becomes an “A Player”, KINNECT rewards the employee with an incentive of 10% of the new employees salary each year for up to 5 years.

On December  19 2014, KINNECT was proud to award the A Player Recruitment Incentive for the very first time. KINNECT employee, Rowan Macaulay was presented with a cheque for his recruitment of Scott De Wever. For each subsequent year of service at KINNECT by Scott, Rowan will continue to receive the incentive as a token of KINNECT’s appreciation for recruiting another “A Player”.


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