Recruitment Process

In 2016, more than 4,000 people applied to become a KINNECTer

KINNECT is an organisation driven by clear and present values. We hold a strong belief that the performance and decision-making processes of our people should be guided by the two overarching principles of our organisation. These core values encompass “happy, highly skilled people” who “create sustainable value for clients and patients”.

It is for this reason that KINNECT strives to employ ‘A Players‘, that is, individuals that go above and beyond, demonstrating a genuine passion in everything they do. Team members who are driven by outcomes and making a difference to the lives of those of they provides services to.

As a health and wellness provider, it is our inherent belief that individuals that choose to work in the health industry are those that genuinely care for the well-being of others and are driven by the need to help, care and empower those in need.

As such, the principal characteristics KINNECT actively seeks out in new employees include:

  • a caring nature and focus;
  • motivation for professional development;
  • a positive disposition and co-operative attitude; and
  • a desire to be a team player, collaborating with colleagues to achieve great outcomes.

These qualities align with our organisational core values, which in our experience ensures exceptional health outcomes are achieved for clients and patients alike.

KINNECT's Recruitment Process


What If I am an Overseas Trained Health Professional wanting to become a KINNECTer?

KINNECT is proud to welcome Health Professionals from overseas into our business.  Contact us today for our international sponsorship program.

A Player Recruitment Incentive

In our experience, ‘A Players‘ know other ‘A Players‘ and it is for this reason KINNECT offers attractive referral incentives for existing employees. Every employee who refers a new employee to KINNECT who is then recruited and onboarded receives a bonus.