Pre-Employment Medical

How to best prepare for your next Pre-Employment Medical:


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What to Expect?

Who Does a Pre-Employment Medical?

They are a common requirement for many high risk industry job roles such as:

  • Mining - oil - gas
  • Construction
  • Logistics

Physical Examination

To measure your capacity to safely perform the physical aspects of the job you are applying for - these may include:

  • Range of Motion
  • Grip Strength
  • Lifting and Carrying etc...

Medical History Questionnaire

You will be required to complete a series of questions relating to your past and present medical history, such as:

  • Are you currently taking any medication?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Do you smoke and/or drink alcohol? etc...

Medical Examination

This is designed to assess your current health status to ensure you are safe and fit to complete the job you are applying for. Tests include:

  • Audiometry or hearing test
  • Lung function test
  • Blood Pressure etc...