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Below are a series of current and informative workplace health and safety short courses covering multiple topics from Manual Handling and Office Ergonomics, Drugs and Alcohol to a range of Workplace Safety topics and First Aid refresher programs.

The links will take you straight to the course page where you can get more information about each course, register and get started straight away.


Provide First Aid (refresher program)

A short refresher course to keep you up to scratch with the latest first aid techniques.


Office Ergonomics

This program applies to employers and employees working in an office or administrative type setting.


Manual Handling Techniques

Topics covered in this program include what is manual handling, risks and…


Electrical Safety in the Workplace

The purpose of this program is to provide participants with a basic understanding of electrical safety within the workplace.

A man showing how to use fire extinguisher isolated over white background

Fire Safety in the Workplace

The purpose of Fire Safety is to ensure that viewers are knowledgeable in fire awareness, fire safety and emergency response in…


Safe Use of Hazardous Chemicals

There are currently 39,000 industrial and around 5,500 agricultural and veterinary chemicals in use in…


Fatigue Awareness and Management

This course provides an introduction to fatigue management.


Anti-Bullying and Harassment

This course helps to identify bullying and harassment in the workplace.


Asbestos Awareness

The program will help learners to understand the health risks, legislation, identification, maintenance, etc.


Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

The purpose of this course is to remind workers of the hazards and risks associated with slips trips and falls and give them some strategies for prevention.

Crystal Meth and your Brain Online Training Course

Ice-Crystal Meth and Your Brain

The purpose of this course is to help you understand the impact the street drug Crystal Meth has on your brain and…

Alcohol and the Brain Online Course (1)

Alcohol and Your Brain

The purpose of this course is to help you understand the impact that alcohol has on your brain.

Drugs and Depression Online Training Course (1)

Drugs and Depression

This course aims to explain exactly how drugs, including alcohol, impact on the way your brain works…


Alcohol, Ice and the Effects on Depression

This course combines the three high quality interactive courses on the topics of Alcohol and the Brain, Ice…

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Tailored Courses for Your Business

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