Occupational Rehabilitation Provider Victoria

Information for Injured Workers

Learn more about how KINNECT can help you recover from your injury and get back to work.

KINNECT has been making people at work healthy, safe and productive for over 21 years. We are Australia’s leading privately owned Occupational Health company with a speciality in Injury Management. We are an approved Occupational Rehabilitation Provider having received approval from WorkSafe Victoria, who oversee Victoria’s workers compensation system.  Our specialist injury management consultants (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors) work with all Agents within the WorkSafe Victoria scheme to provide Occupational Rehabilitation services based on the requirements of a worker and their employer.

We offer two forms of Occupational Rehabilitation Services in Victoria:

Original Employer Services (OES)

KINNECT can provide all services to assist with a worker returning to their original employer following injury or illness.


New Employer Services (NES)

KINNECT can help workers find safe and ongoing work with a new employer when they are unable to return to sustainable work with their original employer.


Making a Referral

Please call our friendly team on 1300 546 632 if you wish to discuss how we can assist you further or if you would like to send a referral please email all details to referrals@kinnect.com.au.

We understand the challenges and difficulties facing employers in today’s workplaces.  Assisting an injured worker return to work following injury or illness, while meeting obligations to provide a safe workplace to all employees can be a significant challenge.  KINNECT can assist in these situations by drawing on over 20 years’ experience providing occupational rehabilitation services that achieve sustainable return to work outcomes.


KINNECT has worked with thousands of employers, both small and large, to help reduce the occurrence and impact of injuries and illness.  We place a high importance on ensuring we get the right outcome for your staff and your business.


Our team of clinicians are experienced and will work with you and the injured worker to develop a collaborative plan to achieve safe and sustainable return to work. We do this by:

  • Establishing transparent communication channels;
  • Providing expert advice on strategies to address the physical, psychological and/or workplace barriers that may adversely impact a successful outcome being achieved;
  • Explain and translate medical and obligation terminology to help improve your understanding of the workers compensation system in Victoria;
  • Help ensure that you’re meeting WorkSafe requirements in return to work planning;

Our experience with occupational rehabilitation services forms the basis of our clinical expertise. KINNECT has been delivering occupational rehabilitation services for greater than 20 years and can deliver a multitude of occupational rehabilitation services.


KINNECT are one of the leading occupational rehabilitation providers in Australia with a national presence. Our team are experienced in dealing with workplace injuries and are available to help achieve a successful return to work outcome when a workplace injury occurs.


Our unique value proposition consists of over 20 years’ experience and practical knowledge of organisations, industries and injuries. This extensive practical experience means that KINNECT have a comprehensive understanding of various industries, the roles within and the inherent risks associated, thereby allowing the facilitation of appropriate return to work interventions which achieve excellent return to work outcomes.

Our Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation consultants service the following locations throughout Victoria:

  • Albury
  • Epping
  • Horsham
  • Port Melbourne
  • Sunshine
  • Ballarat
  • Essendon
  • Laverton
  • Ringwood
  • Swan Hill
  • Bendigo
  • Frankston
  • Melbourne
  • Sale
  • Traralgon
  • Bundoora
  • Geelong
  • Melton
  • Shepparton
  • Wantirna
  • Caroline Springs
  • Gisborne
  • Mildura
  • South Yarra
  • Warragul
  • Clayton
  • Glen Waverley
  • Oakleigh
  • St Kilda
  • Warrnambool
  • Dandenong
  • Hamilton
  • Packenham
  • Sunbury
  • Werribee
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