About KINNECT Training

KINNECT Training, RRTWC Course, HSR Course, Drug and Alcohol testing training, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

The BEST customer service, student engagement and learning outcomes in Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland cities.

This is what KINNECT Training strives for with all their courses and the reason is simple – if you don’t enjoy the course, you won’t get what you need from it and you won’t be able to contribute to your workforce’s health, safety and productivity as effectively.

Customer Service – our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations that our customers have;

 Student Engagement – we aspire to design the best courses, use the best delivery techniques and engage the best trainers and assessors for the course you are doing;

Learning Outcomes – we want you, the student, to walk away with the greatest ability to impact the workplace.

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Our People

The key to make our goals happen is dependent on our people.

KINNECT Training draws on the exceptional skills and experience that only 18 years in the industry can provide. From the Directors down, quality vocational education is understood and appreciated. This drives the development and delivery of the training services and directly influences our appreciation for the need in comprehensive staff development programs.

  • Our people are our most important assets, ahead of our clients
  • Rigorous staff recruitment, retention and “A player” development program
  • Comprehensive staff induction
  • Compulsory professional association membership
  • A professional development plan for each team member
  • Unlimited professional development for all staff with completion of a minimum 40 hours per year
  • Qualification and accreditation currency register

The KINNECT Training Advantage

The KINNECT Training advantage is the wide range of people and professions from a range of industries influencing training products. These specialists have current industry contact and experience from onsite or hands-on workplace health, safety and rehabilitation services provided by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Physicians and Psychologists through to workplace safety specialists including Ergonomists, Industrial Hygienists and Risk Management Professionals.

This valuable mix of skills means that KINNECT Training products meet client needs and are designed to current industry best practices.

To deliver on the promise, KINNECT Training will provide key training services in induction training, injury management and health and safety.

These services will range from Statutory based compliance training to best practice vocational training services, in both accredited and non-accredited environments. The ability to provide Nationally Recognised training means that KINNECT Training will be flexible enough to meet the requirements of the businesses we partner with and the environment in which they operate.