Work Life Balance

KINNECT firmly believes that without a genuine work/life balance, it’s impossible to keep employees happy, engaged and excited about working in our business and providing great service to our clients and care to our patients. Promoting a healthy work/life balance for all employees is imperative for KINNECT to stay true to its core values of ‘happy, highly skilled people creating sustainable value’. We also believe a positive work/life balance ensures our employees feel respected as individuals.

KINNECT understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach in respect to achieving great work/life balance, so instead we have implemented a variety of measures to ensure a work/life balance is in everyone’s reach no matter what their circumstances.

For employees who have been working at a level higher than their role usually calls for, whether that has taken the form of working long hours, managing a larger than normal caseload or conducting work that requires hours of travel, KINNECT encourages the use of flex days so that a work/life balance equilibrium can be restored.

A flex day is essentially a day off which is fully compensated by the company and scheduled at the employee’s discretion.

Flex days can be awarded based on performance criteria or requested by the individual and approved by KINNECT’s Culture Club, which consists primarily of their peers as opposed to Senior Leaders. There is no restriction on the number of flex days an employee can request or be awarded throughout the year, ensuring that employees can establish a sustainable work/life balance with the help of this initiative.

Another option for employees looking to achieve the right work/life balance is the opportunity to purchase additional leave. Employees may purchase additional annual leave of up to 2 weeks every year, in addition to the 4 weeks annual leave already provided. If an employee wishes to purchase additional leave, they can do so by requesting a nominal amount (to cover the leave period) to be deducted from their remuneration on a fortnightly basis. Lodging a request to purchase additional leave is simple, with employees asked to email KINNECT’s Accounts and HR Team requesting the desired amount of additional leave.

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With respect to personal commitments and appointments that fall within working hours (doctor, dentist, etc), KINNECT’s policy is to provide all employees with the time they need to complete these commitments without question, as long as the team member invests the time at a later date to ensure all job requirements are completed. As KINNECT employees control their own calendars, there is no restriction as to when personal appointments can be made, providing employees with flexibility in respect to the scheduling of external appointments and activities.

For team members wishing to achieve work/life balance with extended annual leave, KINNECT provides employees with the opportunity to take an additional two weeks leave on top of their existing four week annual leave entitlement. Additional leave that has not yet been accrued can be applied for by all employees, and if granted, will be reflected in a negative leave balance upon the team member’s return. In the past twelve months, KINNECT have granted additional leave to more than ten employees.

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As a leading provider of services within the Occupational Health sector, KINNECT has a long history of practicing what we preach when it comes to the health and well being of our employees. To encourage staff to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, KINNECT has established a number of initiatives including:

  • On-site massage services received by employees at all eight of KINNECT’s locations;
  • Sport and exercise programs including boot camp, yoga classes, touch football, netball, volleyball and rock climbing;
  • Influenza, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and tetanus vaccinations offered to all employees; and
  • Access to free physiotherapy and exercise physiology services.

In addition to the above programs, KINNECT has also established a corporate agreement with Medibank Health allowing employees to purchase private health insurance with an 8.3% discount on all policies.