Support When You Need it Most

KINNECT has a variety of employee support policies and programs available to staff who are experiencing personal crisis, family illness and a range of other major life events.

KINNECT is proud to offer flexible working arrangements including part-time and working from home options to employees juggling work and family commitments (whether that be parenting responsibilities or caring for elderly parents).

KINNECT is also proud of our track record in supporting valued team members through distressing life events such as separation, divorce or serious illness or injury. We are happy to stand by our employees in times of personal crisis.

KINNECT’s Directors and Senior Leaders view our employees as an extension of our own family, and we treat every employee with the compassion and understanding we would want for our own parents, children and friends during a difficult time or transitional phase.


Janna Bailey – Senior Exercise Physiologist

I was always driven to succeed in my career however starting a family was also very important to me and therefore upon giving birth to my daughter I proceeded to take a combination of the funded parental leave / unpaid leave to care for my daughter.  I initially planned to take 9 months leave from work before returning to work part-time however throughout this time I personally felt uneasy about placing my young daughter into a day care setting.  I therefore broached KINNECT about my options to which they offered me the opportunity to work part time from home, which eased my anxiety and also with such flexibility enabled me to return to work sooner (6 months post the birth of my daughter).  I perform duties that do not require urgent attention such as reviewing reports and providing mentorship to some of KINNECT’s new employees, which enables me to work when convenient (which as a mother immensely beneficial). And to ensure that I was at no financial disadvantage by working from home, KINNECT had internet installed in my home. This arrangement has allowed me to contribute to the organisation and reinforced to me that I remain a member of the KINNECT team.

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Zahra Janna Kevin QCOMP March 2013