Professional Development

As a leading provider of workplace health solutions, KINNECT maintains a strong focus on the professional development (PD) of every staff member in the organisation. This ethos applies to employees working in both clinical and non-clinical roles. We have set a company standard for all employees to complete a minimum of 40 hours of professional development per year. This commitment far exceeds the 20 hours required for clinicians to maintain industry registration.

Helping our employees grow

As stated in our employment contracts, it is compulsory for KINNECT personnel to participate in both internal and external training courses to further enhance their career development and professional growth, as well as maintain clinical registration and accreditation with relevant professional associations and governing bodies. To support these requirements, KINNECT offers employees access to learning opportunities outside their specialised discipline, creating additional skills to advance their career and expand professional knowledge. Examples of these opportunities include access to sales and marketing seminars, financial symposiums and business growth summits, which typically fall outside the traditional skillset of our allied health professionals, but are very useful in providing additional skills the employee can apply in their work with KINNECT and in their broader careers.

To assist employees manage their careers and persist with continued professional development, all employees of KINNECT complete a Professional Development Plan at the start of each calendar year or within a month of employment if a new starter. All team members are asked to outline their learning requirements for the 12 months ahead, complete with a plan outlining how they will not only meet, but exceed their training and education goals. This professional development plan is reviewed on a monthly basis in consultation with KINNECT’s Directors and Senior Leaders.

Helping our employees grow

The compulsory 40 hours of professional development is 100% funded by KINNECT. If an employee would like to participate in additional education and training, KINNECT will happily fund courses, conferences and other professional development activities as long as they support the organisation’s core values of ‘happy, highly skilled people creating sustainable value’. KINNECT is proud to offer employees uncapped professional development opportunities, which is an exceptional benefit for our people to build their careers.