Career Progression

KINNECT uses a scorecard system to evaluate the performance of all staff in our organisation and provide a framework for employees to challenge themselves professionally.

Our scorecards clearly define the mission for a position, the outcomes to be accomplished, key competencies for the role and personal attributes required to fit with our corporate culture.

Remuneration and incentives are clearly tied to the varying scorecard levels that exist within the business. This information is published publicly for all employees to access to demonstrate KINNECT’s organisational transparency.

After joining KINNECT, employees are allocated a scorecard level based on their position and key responsibilities. They are educated on how they can achieve a higher-level scorecard by exhibiting advanced behaviours and competencies.

Every employee’s scorecard is reviewed at least once a year, however an employee can request a scorecard review at any time if they feel they are ready to be progress to a higher level. This system makes it possible for an employee to know the exact competencies and responsibilities they need to fulfill, and the outcomes they must achieve to move through the ranks of the business and determine their own course and time frames for career advancement.

This system empowers employees to enhance their level of knowledge and skill, while creating fairness and equality for all employees regardless of age or years of experience.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

At KINNECT we believe that every KINNECTer has the opportunity to develop into being a leader and to further their career. In fact, developing KINNECTer’s is an important aspect to our future plans. Our goal is to attract the best talent available and then develop these A Players further. With ongoing support and development, any KINNECTer has the potential to grow into a more senior position at KINNECT.

DID YOU KNOW: 100% of KINNECT’s Management Team have come from entry level positions and have been developed into successful Business Leaders