Appreciation and Recognition

In our opinion, appreciation and recognition of employee contributions, whether these contributions are big or small, fosters a positive workplace culture and makes our people feel needed, noticed and most of all valued by everyone at KINNECT.

Our reward and recognition program has been created specifically with KINNECT’s core values in mind – ‘happy, highly skilled people creating sustainable value’. Issuing staff with tangible, meaningful rewards and incentives demonstrates that KINNECT’s Senior Leaders have been paying attention. More than that, it also allows us to show we care, while also appreciating the largely unquantifiable worth of having positive, talented and committed employees providing top quality solutions for patients and clients.

KINNECT has established a number of reward and recognition programs for employees including:

Occupational Health Exercise Physiologist Jobs EmploymentAt KINNECT, employees have the option to apply for a requested flex day (day off work) in recognition of their hard work, commitment to core values and performance. Alternatively, an employee can earn a flex day by demonstrating through their performance dashboard that they have performed exceptionally by exceeding a target of 120% or higher. Requests for flex days are considered by KINNECT’s Culture Club based on a set criteria of demonstrated behaviours and key performance indicators. There is no limit on the number of flex days an employee can apply for or be granted, provided that the basis for the requests meet KINNECT’s core value of ‘happy, highly skilled people creating sustainable value’. Once granted, it is up to the employee’s discretion when they choose to enjoy their flex day.

KINNECT Cruise 2014 Funny GroupKINNECT has re-invented the age-old Christmas party and developed an end of year celebration we are really proud of. To thank our incredible team for their outstanding contribution throughout the year, we prefer to provide them with an experience as opposed to just a few hours of fun. Our end of year Cultural Events are typically an all-expenses-paid weekend away built around team building exercises and eye-opening experiences. The budget allocated to the Cultural Event is dependent on the tracked company performance throughout the year to keep all employees engaged and focused on our individual and collective goals. KINNECT’s ultimate goal is to achieve an agreed level of company performance to qualify for a group trip to New York City.

We haven’t achieved that goal yet, but we are getting close. Previous examples of the Cultural Event have included luxury weekend getaways in Brisbane and North Stradbroke Island and two cruises aboard P&O cruise liners. All flights, accommodation, meals and activities are paid for by KINNECT.

Worksite Assessment and Suitable duties planWe understand working away from home is not ideal for our employees. Some of our clinician roles do include necessary travel, and we recognise the personal sacrifice involved in this aspect of the job.

To show gratitude for the commitment of our staff in participating in the travel sometimes required, KINNECT provides staff members with a generous working away from home allowance for every night they spend away for work-related travel.

Hill 1We believe our staff feel most appreciated when they receive positive praise and feedback from colleagues, Senior Leaders and external clients. KINNECT understands that the frequency of positive reinforcement is critical in maintaining consistent levels of employee engagement and motivation, inspiring staff to meet and exceed performance goals. To promote regular positive reinforcement and encouragement, KINNECT established the ‘Positive’ program. When employees observe a colleague demonstrating or embodying KINNECT’s core values, they are invited to share these behaviours by emailing feedback to Positive employee feedback from customers and parties external to KINNECT is also forwarded to this inbox. All positive comments are compiled on a weekly basis and reported to staff through weekly meetings and email.

ATDW_Large_Landscape__9207111_AC88_Tangalooma_0004_Ross_Eason__Beachfront_VistaNo-one likes to work on their birthday! At KINNECT you don’t have to. All employees, regardless of when their birthday falls is entitled to the day off so they can celebrate with friends and family.

15-01-23 KIN_Workers health card (2)To reward loyalty and acknowledge long-serving employees, KINNECT established the Continued Service Incentive Scheme. Each year, KINNECT employees are presented with increasing rewards in appreciation of their years of service. On an employee’s first anniversary their milestone is celebrated with a cake. On their second anniversary employees are presented with a gift voucher to the value of $100 and a bottle of champagne. If an employee stays with KINNECT for more than two years, with each anniversary they are gifted additional annual leave days. The extra leave days are capped at five additional days per year when an employee has worked in the business for seven years.