SmartMove Comprehensive

SmartMove Comprehensive is our most effective Injury Program that specifically targets musculoskeletal injuries associated with performing manual tasks

SmartMove Comprehensive is the perfect injury prevention solution for workplaces that are experiencing a high frequency of musculoskeletal injuries due to hazardous manual tasks. The program address the three core factors that ultimately contribute to the risk of an employee sustaining a musculoskeletal injury:

Manual Task Risk Assessments

Onsite Review of the Manual Task

We perform a review of the hazardous manual tasks in order to identify and document the risks associated with the tasks and provide recommendations for control measures that can be utilised to reduce the risk. Using this information and data, we then customise the entire Manual Handling Training Package specific to the high risk manual tasks and workplace.

Rear view of many construction workers with helmet.

Educating Employees on How to Perform the Task

Customised Group Education delivered to all employees who perform the manual task on how to safely perform the manual task. Our training is both engaging and effective.

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Evaluation of the Program

A comprehensive  review and report of the program delivered, outcomes achieved and how this translates into an return on your investment.

What's Included in the Program

SmartMove Comprehensive Program

  • KINNECT’s 3 Stage Proven SmartMove Program
    • Stage One – Development
    • Stage Two – Delivery
    • Stage Three – Maintenance and Evaluation
  • A dedicated Senior Injury Prevention Consultant with extensive industry experience in delivering successful Injury Prevention Programs
  • A Site Visit by your Senior Injury Prevention Consultant to review any high risks manual tasks and collect photos, videos and data for reporting purposes
  • We will customise the entire manual handling training package specific to the high risk manual tasks and your workplace
  • Customised Group Education Sessions designed to engage and educate your employees
  • Our innovative Maintenance Program – one on one manual handling coaching delivered to each employee, on the job, by your Senior Injury Prevention Consultant
  • Certificates of Competency for all Employees
  • A Comprehensive Summary Report following the Program Completion including a summary of the ROI on your program
  • Our SmartMove Guarantee – We guarantee that we will reduce your injury rates within 12 months of delivering the program.
Workplace Manual Handling Training Programs

We are so confident in our SmartMove Comprehensive Program that we Guarantee to Reduce your Workplace Injuries within 12 months of delivering the program. At the completion of the program delivery we will work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and the return on your investment.

Return on Your Investment

We understand that our clients want to see a return on their investment and our SmartMove Programs are designed to deliver this. To showcase just how effective our SmartMove Programs are, we’ve decided to share the below story from one our clients, who was experiencing a high rate of musculoskeletal injuries in their workforce, as a consequence of performing hazardous manual tasks.

Gladstone Regional Council SmartMove Program 2013-14

KINNECT have worked closely with Gladstone Regional Council since 2012, having been formally engaged to deliver injury prevention, management and health services.  To date, KINNECT have delivered manual handling training, containing both theoretical and practical components to greater than 1000 Gladstone Regional Council employees.

During our time partnering with Gladstone Regional Council, KINNECT have demonstrated the capacity to provide manual handling training for all of Gladstone Regional Council operational sites and divisions (twenty-five in total).

By tailoring the training Gladstone Regional Council ensured a return on investment, as the education provided made sense to and was easily implemented by all personnel, resulting in a reduction in soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries and the costs associated with the management of these conditions.

The Results After Delivery of SmartMove Program

Reduction in Lost Time Injuries by 39%
Reduction in Statutory Claims by 49%
Reduction in Total Statutory Costs by 88%

The SmartMove Program delivered to Gladstone Regional Council has has proven to be extremely successful, evidenced by the above outcomes achieved in only one financial year.

Since 1996, more than 20,000 workers have participated in a SmartMove Manual Handling Program delivered by KINNECT

Ready to Start your SmartMove Program?

If you’re ready to start your SmartMove Program, simply give us a call to organise a no obligation meeting with one of our dedicated Senior Injury Prevention Consultants. During this meeting, we will discuss your injury trends, business needs and objective outcomes for the program.