Pre Employment Physicals / Medicals

Assessing the risk associated with a job applicant by comparing their health status and demonstrated physical performance with the relevant physical work demands and/or legislative requirements.

Manual Handling Training / Soft Tissue Injury Prevention

Reducing injury risk through evidence based practical on the job coaching that facilitates behaviour change and the optimal interaction between the worker and their job demands.


Fitting job environments to people in an attempt to increase productivity and decrease injury, illness and fatigue.

Supervisor Management Training

Identification of manual handling risks, implementing controls, injury file management, either directly or in a train the trainer approach.

Job Dictionaries / Task Analysis

A document (including specific photos of tasks) which outlines the physical requirements (by objective measurement) of various jobs by reducing them to their specific and fundamental tasks e.g. lifting, carrying etc.  They aid in the development of pre employment testing, injury prevention programs and injury management.

Organisational Injury Risk Analysis

Review of available workforce and injury data to identify needs and develop solutions.

Corporate Physiotherapy

The provision of onsite hands on physiotherapy treatment combined with education and preventative exercises.  Preventing the development of soft tissue injuries and ensuring rapid management.