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Return to Work Plans for Graduated and Safe Progression Back to

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Returning back to work after an injury can be stressful and intimidating. Employees might worry that an injury could flare up at any time, or stop them from completing their duties properly. They may be self conscious about their absence from the workplace for a period of time and be unsure of the affect this has had on the team, or their place within it.

By offering suitable duties and implementing a return to work plan for returning injured workers, individuals will feel supported and at ease with the process of returning to work.

What is a Suitable Duties Plan?
Also known as a light duties plan or alternative duties plan, this is simply a selection of meaningful duties the injured employee can accomplish without the risk of re injury or pain.

Suitable duties are typically used as a pathway to recovery whilst injuries heal and employees work their way back to their full duties / prior positions.

What is a Return to Work Plan?
A return to work plan is a written plan developed in consultation with the worker, the supervisor and the reviewing Doctor that clearly defines how the worker and the employer will progress towards a safe return to work.

Return to work or suitable duties plans are important as it thoroughly explains to both parties not only the process and consider any precautionary restrictions that may apply to returning to work; they also outline what’s expected from both the employee and the employer so that everyone has a clear path forward.

What’s included in a Return to Work Plan?
KINNECT’s returns to work plans are tailored to the company and employee’s specific requirements, and account for all aspects of the role, the injury, current medical advice and the specific requirements of worker and employer. Our challenge is to work out the best way to support the worker assimilating back into your company’s work processes in a safe and timely fashion.

Whilst our suitable duties plans are carefully tailored, there is a certain amount of general information we incorporate into our plans.

General information includes:

  • Understanding and reporting on the employee’s abilities and current restrictions
  • A review of the job description and job requirements
  • Implementation of workplace modification and adjustments

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