Injury Management

Work Site Visits

Assessment in the workplace to determine a worker’s capabilities to perform required tasks and assist in addressing any workplace issues.

Suitable Duties / RTW Plan

The development of a plan to ensure graduated and safe progression for a durable return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Assessment to determine an individual’s current physical abilities to perform their ADL’s including work.

Case Management

Determining the rehabilitation needs of an individual and liaising with all parties to ensure a safe and timely return to productive employment and ADL’s.

Initial Needs Assessment

Used to determine rehabilitation or treatment needs for new or complex cases and provide recommendations enabling timely future management.

High Risk Employee Program

Development of focused interventions to address specific injury or health risks for an employee.

Work Hardening / Physical Conditioning

Work and ADL specific exercise and education programs designed to improve an individual’s ability to meet the physical demands of their job.

Hands on Physiotherapy

The provision of onsite hands on physiotherapy treatment combined with education and preventative exercises.  Preventing the development of soft tissue injuries and ensuring rapid management.

Vocational Assessment

Used to assist a worker to identify alternative occupations or training of interest, when they are unlikely or unable to return to their pre-injury role.

Job Preparation Assistance

Assisting in resume development, injury disclosure techniques, interview and job search skills.