Health and Wellbeing Programs

Tailored programs that employ evidence-based health coaching principles to support sustainable lifestyle and behaviour changes required to achieve goals such as improvements health status, body composition, smoking cessation, or stress management.

Health Surveillance

Structured system for tracking of occupational injuries, illnesses, hazards, and exposures to enable the early identification and remediation of risks.

Fatigue Management

Education for workers regarding behavioural and environmental risk factors that contribute to physical and mental fatigue with practical strategies to optimize rest and recovery.

Health Risk Assessment

Assessment of biomedical and lifestyle risk factors such as blood pressure, waist girth, cholesterol, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, physical activity, and nutrition.

Executive Health Program

Assessment of key biomedical and lifestyle risks to high value organisational assets, with intensive support for lifestyle and behaviour change.

Flu Vaccinations

Many companies consider flu vaccinations an effective strategy for reducing sick leave, increasing productivity, protecting your business and showing your workers you care about their health.