Injury Prevention, Injury Management, Health Services and Pre-Employment Medicals

Here at KINNECT we focus on providing your company and its employees with prompt and timely services that are specific to your company’s needs. We offer a wide range of services to companies and their employees all over Australia.

Followed is a breakdown of the services we offer to a range of different industries across the country.

Injury Prevention Services

Our injury prevention services are a specifically designed set of checkups, tests, training, analysis and physiotherapy services designed to assist companies in the reduction and prevention of on-site injuries by providing the following services:

Pre Employment Physicals
By assessing the risks associated with a potential job applicant, companies stand to ensure that the right person for the job is allocated to appropriate tasks. This service is typically used when positions require a high level of physical fitness or stamina.

Manual Handling Training
If roles within your workplace involve the process of carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, twisting, bending and holding, manual handling training can help to reduce potential injuries and promote a safe working environment.

Ergonomics Assessments
Having a healthy and happy workforce ensures companies are running at peak production levels. One important key to workplace productivity is to ensure that employees are pain free and use correct equipment and posture techniques. An Ergonomic Assessment of your office will give KINNECT the opportunity to provide advice on changes that can be made to equipment, workers’ posture and training options to ensure workers are healthy and pain free in your workplace.

Supervisor Management Training
We take managers and supervisors through a range of different areas within their area of expertise that will assist with managing a team effectively. This will include manual handling, ergonomics and other job-related factors that can lead to injury, damage or an unsafe work environment.

Task Analysis
Prevent injury and assist with the injury management process by having KINNECT create clear and concise documentation outlining the best practices for physical tasks your workforce needs to complete.

Organisational Injury Risk Analysis
Effectively analyse potential risks that workers may be placed under by having KINNECT compile a risk analysis for your business. KINNECT is familiar with conducting risk analysis for a wide variety of industry and business types including factories, plants, mine sites and offices.

Onsite Physiotherapy
Keeping your workers fit, healthy and active is one of the best ways to ensure a productive and positive environment within the workplace. We provide a range of different corporate physio packages for clients all over Australia.

Injury Management Services

On-site Injury Management Assessments
If you’re in need of an experienced clinician to travel to your office or site to provide on-site injury management assessments, KINNECT can help you. Talk to us today about our On-site Injury Management Program.

Return to Work Plans and Suitable Duties Plans
When working with KINNECT, we provide RTW or Suitable Duty Plans that are tailored to the specific requirements of the company and its employees. This will include taking into account individual aspects of a staff member’s work including their role, the injury they have sustained and how they can best be assimilated back into your company’s work processes.

Functional Capacity Evaluation
By gaining a better understanding of their workforce, companies stand to gain a better understanding of a worker’s capacity to produce results within their designated tasks. We use highly trained and accredited physiotherapists for all Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Initial Needs Assessment
Assess the needs and requirements of your workers who may have been involved in an on- site accident or have sustained a recent injury by having KINNECT provide an Initial Needs Assessment.

Work Hardening and Physical Conditioning Programmes
When an injured worker returns to work, occasionally assistance is needed to fulfill the duties of their role. Our Work Hardening and Physical Conditioning Programmes are designed to simulate the work environment and tasks that an employee will be required to perform, thereby giving the employee an opportunity to increase the physical tolerance levels required for the job.

Hands on Physiotherapy
Help prevent the development of soft tissue injuries and pain associated with manual handling roles with our onsite, hands-on physiotherapy services.

Vocational Guidance Assessments
If a worker is injured and can’t return to a previous role, ensuring they receive the appropriate guidance and treatment are two of the most important factors to a smooth transition. KINNECT will assist workers identify alternative occupations or placements if a return to their pre-injury role is unlikely.

Job Preparation Assistance
When workers have contracted an injury that reduces their work capacity it’s sometimes a requirement for them to seek alternative employment. This can be a daunting process and KINNECT can help through the job hunting and interview processes by providing Job Preparation Assistance.

Health Services

Workplace Wellness Programs
We will assist and train employees to avoid highly stressed lifestyles, bad diet and lack of exercise and replace these with a healthy and happy lifestyle. We do this by providing training to improve overall health status, nutrition education and to gain a better understanding of body composition.

Health Surveillance
When staff work in an environment that can expose them to potential occupational injury, risk or hazards, a health surveillance program can help to determine exposure to risk along with helping in the early identification and remediation of these risks.

Fatigue Management
When working in industries like mining, transport and heavy vehicle / haulage we see fatigue management as an essential service to ensure workers are safe and productivity levels are reached. We will educate both employees and employers on contributing factors to fatigue and how to manage it.

Employee Health Risk Assessment
By working with employees and employers, KINNECT will help workers identify potentially dangerous or risky lifestyle choices and assist them to make positive and impactful changes in their life.

Executive Health Assessments
By having regular health assessments carried out by our professional team, executive teams will be able to actively manage their health and well-being, leading to a healthier, happier and more productive team.