Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and Review

The central component of any response to alcohol, and other drug related issues in the workplace, is the development and implementation of an alcohol and drug policy.

KINNECT employs an expert team of Occupational Health and Medical Professionals who can assist you in developing and/or reviewing your workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

A drug and alcohol policy is a set of guidelines and strategies for dealing with all aspects of alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace.

The main aim of the policy should be to create a work culture that does not mix alcohol and other drugs with work and that prevents hazardous and harmful alcohol and drug use.

The objectives of the policy should be to detail procedures for prevention, recognition and early action concerning harmful alcohol and other drug use.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

Why Have a Policy?

Under Occupational health and safety legislation, an employer has a responsibility to provide a safe working environment. Every employer must prepare policies on health and safety issues in the workplace.

Occupational health and safety policies demonstrate that there is a commitment to ensuring the health and safety for all employees.

A drug and alcohol policy should be part of the health and safety policy.

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We’ve prepared a FREE White Paper Resource on How to Implement a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Program.

This 42 page resource is designed for employers just like you, who are embarking on the journey of developing, implementing and testing against a workplace drug and alcohol policy.

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Download our FREE White Paper on How to Implement a Drug and Alcohol Program

Our 3 Phase Approach to Developing and Implementing a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

The success of any response to alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace directly relates to the quality of the planning and preparation. During the design phase we will work with you to:

  • Identify any potential issues that may arise
  • Review existing infrastructure and resources available or required
  • Develop objective outcome measures for the policy

During the Implementation Phase, we will:

  • Educate your management team on the new policy and how it may affect their responsibilities
  • Educate your workforce on the new policy and how it will affect them

Evaluation in assessing how well the policy meets its objectives, ensuring accountability at the managerial and organisational level and providing important information for predicting future policy success or failure.