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We recently took the time to interview some of our employees to help share their insights into what it’s like working at KINNECT. They each shared their stories of their career progression to date, industry experience and professional development through KINNECT.

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Nathan, started out with KINNECT as a new graduate physiotherapist and within 8 months of working for KINNECT has worked with refugees on Nauru and Manus Islands, worked on a multibillion dollar liquefied natural gas plant on Curtis Island and is now a fly-in-fly-out physiotherapist for KINNECT.

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Occupational Therapist

At only 26, competitive KINNECTer Clare Buckley this year moved with KINNECT from Rockhampton to Perth as an occupational therapist. Clare chose to apply at KINNECT because of her older brother, exercise physiologist James, a fellow KINNECT’er. Keeping it a family affair is James and Clare’s younger brother Doug, who is a member of the Admin team in Brisbane.

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist

At 28 KINNECt’er Alyssa Deck learnt a whole new side of occupational injury prevention and management when she came to work for KINNECT as an Exercise Physiologist.

Alyssa joined KINNECT in 2014 and since that time she has moved from Rockhampton to continue her work with KINNECT in Cobar New South Wales.

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist

28 year old KINNECT’er Janna Riordan joined KINNECT in 2009, now 5 years later she is a first time mum and performing the balancing act of work and family.

After graduating from — University, Janna joined KINNECT as an Exercise Physiologist and quickly moved up the ranks to become a senior member of KINNECT.


Rehabilitation Counsellor

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Quick out the gates is KINNECT’er Jess Taylor who in under 3 years became our youngest senior team member managing 25 staff. Jess impressed as she started her journey with KINNECT in the pre-employment administration department. Jess continued through the ranks in just 3 years to become the lead supervisor of the pre-employment administration department, supervising 25+ team members and sitting on the senior leaders’ board making key decisions at only 22.

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