Pre-Employment Assessments

CloudHealth’s Pre-Employment Assessment Package helps Human Resources and Recruitment teams manage all aspects of the Pre-Employment Assessment process of potential candidates.

CloudHealth allows you to submit referrals and track them all in real time and with 100% transparency. No more wasting time calling for updates, waiting on hold or generally wondering about the status of your referral. Simply log in to CloudHealth and check the status of your referral.

We’ve designed a simple user friendly dashboard that provides you with a quick overview of the status of all your referrals. When you login to CloudHealth, you will be greeted with your company dashboard which will help you stay on top and in touch with all your referrals.

One of the great features of CloudHealth is its ability to set multiple company defaults with respect to:

Communication Contacts

Set who gets results, who gets the booking updates and who gets the invoices, whether it be an individual or a group of people. You can also edit the communication contacts at the time of a referral allowing you and your colleagues to always receive the right communication.

Paperwork Requirements

Default specific paperwork to be used for your company or different sites. Never again be concerned that your applicants will complete the wrong paperwork.

Billing Requirements

Allocate different cost centres and/or purchase orders for different sites / business divisions, and have this information defaulted so that your invoices always have the right information to assist your accounts department.

Medical Requirements

One of the many features of CloudHealth is that you can default the medical requirements for particular sites, roles and/or business divisions. What this means is that CloudHealth will automatically select the correct medical requirements for a particular site, role and/or business division and ensure that the correct paperwork is also used. You will never again have the wrong medical performed on the wrong paperwork.

We understand that turn around times are one of the most important factors in delivery of Pre-Employment Assessment. It is for this reason, that we track every minute of every referral. This KPI tracking allows you to measure our turnaround times, ensuring that your expectations are not only met, but surpassed.

The user interface of CloudHealth has been designed with our clients needs in mind. The interface itself is clean, simple and responsive. This makes using the platform quite natural, making the adoption or transitioning process convenient.

Access all your billing information in real time. Once a referral is submitted, you can view the billing as well as download any invoices that you require. Receive full transparency with regards to costs of your bookings.

CloudHealth provides a bulk booking feature that will save you time. Simply complete a customised .csv file and import directly into CloudHealth. CloudHealth will create individual referrals for all candidates listed on your spreadsheet, with these bookings being live and actioned immediately.