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CloudHealth is a custom built online software that helps companies to manage their Occupational Health services, in addition to the secure and safe storage of associated data.

CloudHealth has been developed to allow companies to effectively manage and track three key areas of Occupational Health being that of Health Surveillance, Pre-Employment Assessments and Occupational Rehabilitation / Injury Management.

Being a ‘cloud’ based interface, the web portal of this system allows company representatives to submit referrals for pre-employment functional and medical assessments (or discreet pre-employment services) and track the status of these requests from booking through to results including future assessment requirements, all in real time and all with 100% transparency.

Our cloud based health surveillance software makes managing your health surveillance program a breeze. Using CloudHealth you are able to:

  • Book a Health Surveillance Assessment for an employee anywhere in Australia or New Zealand
  • Store the health data for each employee
  • Compare the latest results against previous tests or baseline test
  • Identify employees who are showing a change in health and are at increased risk of occupational related injury/illness
  • Notification for the next periodic health surveillance test (e.g. 6 months, 12 months or 2 years)

CloudHealth’s Occupational Rehabilitation / Injury Management Package has been designed for Injury Management and Health and Safety Personnel in mind. The package allows for complete and real time access to all information related to an injured workers rehabilitation and return to work.

  • Submit referrals for injury management and return to work services
  • Track the status of these request (including impact of interventions and outcomes)
  • Access of all relevant information:
    • Medical Certificates
    • Suitable Duties Plans
    • Medial Reports
    • Case Management Notes
    • Treatment Plans
    • Costs
    • Contact Details for all stakeholders and treating practitioners
  • Reporting specific to return to work outcomes

About CloudHealth

CloudHealth is a custom built cloud based platform that KINNECT has specifically developed to address the needs of our clients. Our goal is that CloudHealth will dramatically reinvent the way employers manage their Occupational Health needs.

The development of CloudHealth began in 2014, following the feedback from our valued customers regarding the lack of transparency and control they had with regards to their occupational health services.

With an investment of over $1.5M (AUD) and the commitment of 4 Full Time Software Developers, CloudHealth has allowed KINNECT to leverage the power of technology and innovation, to establish a unique point of difference in the market place.


Clients Who Use CloudHealth

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