Clare’s Story

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At only 26, competitive KINNECTer Clare Buckley this year moved with KINNECT from Rockhampton to Perth as an occupational therapist.

Clare chose to apply at KINNECT because of her older brother, exercise physiologist James, a fellow KINNECT’er.

Keeping it a family affair is James and Clare’s younger brother Doug, who is a member of the Admin team in Brisbane.

As one of six in the Buckley family, Clare is known for her hard work in KINNECT’s offices and on the sporting fields of Rockhampton and Perth.

A competitive Hockey player and marathon runner, Clare is currently training for the Melbourne Marathon where she hopes to compete in October.

Close family friend and fellow KINNECTer Gerald Peterson met Clare in 2007 and describes Clare as a high achiever, reliable, empathetic, hard worker and has a foundation of close family bonds.

The excitement of working with KINNECT was only rivalled by the birth of her niece Lydia in September, who she wishes to see again the next time she goes to Brisbane.

We caught up with Clare to hear more about her position with KINNECT.

Did you have any experience in your work field before coming to work for KINNECT?

I joined KINNECT as a new graduate, however I had completed a university placement with another occupational rehabilitation company in Brisbane.

Please describe your progression from starting with KINNECT to now?

After my training in Brisbane, I moved to Rockhampton and my first day on the job was the opening of the Rockhampton office.  Over the two years I worked there I learned a lot. Initially I was the only occupational rehabilitation clinician and one of only two staff members in Rockhampton, so there was a lot of responsibility placed on me. But I was also presented with greater opportunities and I found myself delivering services that others in the company hadn’t had the opportunity to. It was great to see the workload grow to warrant the need for more staff in the Rockhampton office.  I feel my experience in Rockhampton has prepared me for the Perth clinic where we are continuing to build the business, and with this I’ll again be presented with more varied opportunities.

Please describe your current role?

 At the moment I’m continuing to complete clinical work but also assisting the senior clinicians with some supervisory tasks. I also help with employer based project work, marketing of the Perth office and other various other business improvement tasks.

What made you want to work with KINNECT?

My brother!  Yes, I work for the same company as my older brother! And now also my younger brother. If that isn’t a good sign of what the company is like, then I’m not sure what is.


” I love the flexibility and variability in the work we do and I am really proud to be a part of it.”

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What has been your funniest moment so far working with KINNECT?

There’s been many, but one would be when I heard that an applicant had mistakenly provided a faecal sample in the test cup rather than a urine sample for a drug screen!

Do you think KINNECT has a distinct work environment?

When you’re in a KINNECT office there is no denying it can seem pretty fast-paced, everyone seems very diligent and focused on what they need to get done for the day. There’s not much time wasted. But it also a fun environment and fulfilling work and I couldn’t ask for a better work environment.

Did your move from Rockhampton to Perth show the appreciation KINNECT has for its employees?

Definitely, as soon as I mentioned I was wanting to move to Perth they put things in place to ensure this happened.  They stood by one of KINNECT’s core values of keeping their staff ‘happy’ and knew that if moving to Perth was going to keep me happy then they’d support me in doing this – not that I wasn’t happy in Rockhampton but I was up for a change and new experiences.

Did KINNECT give you a lot of training for your role?

Yes. I spent a few weeks training in Brisbane before moving to the Rockhampton clinic and have received additional training since starting. Having regular supervisor reviews and knowing there is always someone I can call to ask questions is really helpful and part of my ongoing learning.

Have you done any community engagement activities?

While working in Rockhampton I attended some events for Allied Health professionals, such as CQ Medicare Local events and Occupational Therapy regional interest group meetings.  Running the Rockhampton River Run with other KINNECT staff was always an annual event too.

How does it feel to be a senior member of KINNECT at such a young age?

It’s been a mix of opportunities and hard work that’s increased my knowledge and skills to that which I have currently to even be considered a senior member of KINNECT, and if I can share any of what I know with others at KINNECT as well as our clients then that makes me feel valued.

What three words do you believe encapsulates KINNECT?

High quality, accommodative, rewarding.