Australia Wide Coverage


KINNECT have established a large network of partner affiliates (over 160) nationally and internationally in order to best service your pre-employment medical and functional screening requirements. KINNECT have implemented a process to ensure all affiliates are able to adequately conduct the required services and work is completed at a high standard. All affiliates to KINNECT are engaged with a formal agreement to supply pre-employment functional and medical screening services within their geographical locations. This formal agreement includes adherence to key performance indicators including service capabilities, turnaround times, client experience and overall service delivery performance.

KINNECT will follow up on any issues raised by our clients of affiliate locations to ensure they meet KINNECT required standard guidelines.  KINNECT regularly communicates with its affiliates to ensure that there is an understanding of the needs of new clients, new testing protocols or changes to existing testing procedures and that there is complete adherence to such protocols and/or changes. Furthermore, KINNECT offers a direct help line to all its affiliates should they require any further clarification or assistance.

KINNECT work closely with our affiliates in order to provide the same quality of service delivered within our KINNECT clinics. This process enables us to service our clients nationally with a standardised testing protocol and central booking system for all locations / sites to access individually.



Over 160 Clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand