HandSafe – Hand Injury Prevention Program

Location: Central Queensland

Industry: Mining


A multi-site mining contractor engaged KINNECT to develop and deliver an industry specific hand injury prevention program for their staff.  The scope of work required an interactive presentation that would increase their awareness of preventing hand injuries, resulting in behaviour change.  The scope of work required:

  • Review and compilation of existing injury data
  • Development of the hand injury prevention training timeline which included internal communications prior to the program
  • Delivery of the program and follow up communications post-delivery to ensure the best chance of behaviour change
  • Development of HandSafe posters and stress hands to increase awareness among the participants
  • Development of the HandSafe presentation, relative to the industry and to the jobs of the participants
  • Delivery of the presentation at pre-start meetings at several sites across Central Queensland, for both day and night shifts


  • Arranging the delivery of the program across multiple sites within the shortest time period
  • Scheduling clinicians to attend pre-start meetings for both day and night shifts across several mine sites
  • Producing a product that is relevant to the participants involved and interactive with a view to change behaviour

Outcomes Achieved

  • Successfully developed and adhered to the hand injury prevention training timeline
  • Successfully developed a hand injury prevention presentation which was specific to the industry and actual jobs of the participants to affect behaviour change
  • Successfully delivered the HandSafe presentation to 550+ shift workers for one employer across multiple mine sites over a one month period
  • Positive feedback from both the participants and employer following the successful delivery of the program

Hand Safety Injury Prevention Program